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Hotel and Catering Services Robot Xiaozhi

The functions of the hotel and catering services robot include autonomous delivery, intelligent collision avoidance, audio player, wireless control, power monitoring, charging alert notification, and patrolling delivery. The robot can set its food delivery travel routes as per overall layout of clients’restaurants and share workload of repeating food delivery with human servers.
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Product Detail

Hotel and Catering Services Robot Xiaozhi


With fashionable and graceful outlook, the robot has three color options - fire red, sky blue, and prairie green. Its two navigation modes - magnetic stripe navigation and Stargazer trackless navigation–guarantee precise food delivery route touching all the delivery points at one go. Its other great features include intelligent collision avoidance system (when the sensors on the two front sides detect obstacles, they will activate alarm and stop the robot immediately), voice broadcasting (which can automatically alert customers about details of its food delivery activity), and charging alert while it detects a low battery capacity. With all above features, the robot can enhance customers’experience at restaurants.


The robot can be widely used at restaurants, hotels, KTVs and cafeterias. It can also be used to deliver food and present company promotion materials at exhibition centers, science and technology museums, and science palaces, creating high-tech interaction for better corporate promotion.


Dimensions (mm)


Walking speed (m/s)



8 hours for no load, 6 hours for full load

Navigation load

Magnetic stripe navigator; Stargazer trackless navigation

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